Customized Access
to real world health care outcomes.

Data Offerings

Three main offerings provide our clients with customized access to real world health care outcomes, bypassing the red tape typically involved in adherence research and standard chart reviews. Deliverables can include custom data tables with active links to the entire patient/physician interaction. Disease state and Specialty licensing also available.

Daily reports on patients taking a Medication, including:
  • How adherent they have been to prescription guidelines. Any OTC medications they have been taking.
  • What problems they encountered.
  • When, why and how they stopped (titrated or not).
  • What, if anything, they took as a replacement or an addition.
  • Reaction to new medication or non-medication.
  • Physician's response to continuation or cessation of medication.
No need to wait for pharmacy refill data to learn about adherence. Data is ready 72 hours after doctor visit.
Ability to monitor patients taking a newly FDA approved drug:
  • Patient monitoring allows for an additional form of pharmacovigilance.
  • Unique flagging of patients and data table format allow for easy benefits/risks tracking and analysis.
  • Updated data tables can be provided daily/weekly/monthly/qtrly.
  • Desired data variables may be customized to fit needs.
  • Data table includes links to narratives for additional verification.
  • Data coming in from 50 states and 2 US territories.
  • Rich context surrounding events eliminates false positives and provides additional color not found elsewhere.
Records already exist in our database, which means:
  • Records available instantly without bothering HCP.
  • Data can be updated on a daily basis.
  • No need for physician recruitment.
  • No need for physician incentives.
  • No need for anyone to pull the information from the records.
  • Less expensive and time consuming than standard chart reviews.
  • Data coming in from 50 states and 2 US territories.
Our database variables are designed to help you spot Adverse Events before anyone. We collect variables such as age, race, gender, medical condition, family history of chronic disease, drug use, tobacco use, alcohol use, symptoms and more. When you evaluate our database, you can search specific variables to determine if a reaction is a true AE or simply a complication with another drug.
The level of detail in our database is simply unmatched. With RealHealthData®, you can read full medical charts of patients who are taking a specific medication to see how their variables stack up.
It’s a known fact that doctors regularly prescribe medications off-label well before the FDA provides its ultimate approval. In these situations, you have access to the prescribing doctor’s exact notes, as well as follow-up reports that provide valuable insight into the outcome of the medication.