A unique perspective
on patient conditions and their interactions with physicians.

Data Specs

RealHealthData´s database contains millions of records, spanning across all major specialties and 50 States. Click Here to request a copy of our Epi Study White Paper.

Top Specialties State Distribution Diseases

The unstructured nature of the documents in our database means that we are not restricted to specific data dictionaries. Instead our clients are able to establish their own customized data variable lists to be extracted for a given project. The list below highlights a few of the more common and in some cases general variable areas that our clients have included in the past, but is in no way meant to be considered exhaustive.

  • Patient Age
  • Races/Ethnicities
  • Patient Employment Status
  • Patient Status (new or old)
  • Smoking Y/N
  • Alcohol Y/N and frequency
  • Drug Use Y/N and frequency
  • Sexual and/or Physical Abuse Y/N
  • Family Histories of chronic diseases (i.e. hypertension, diabetes, stroke, hypothyroidism, etc.
  • Prior and current medications
  • Medication drug class
  • Prior medical conditions (e.g. cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity)
  • Allergies, previous surgeries and reason for surgery, mental health status and specific mental health diagnosis
  • Physician specialties and practice sizes
  • Geography (covering every US state and two territories)
  • Treatments and/or symptoms
  • Specialty
  • Zip Code
  • Gender
  • Phone/Fax Number
  • Medical School*
  • Hospital Affiliations*
  • Prescribing Information*