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  • Do people still use medical transcription today?
    More and more people use medical transcription today than ever before. Technologies that help transcriptionists work faster, such as voice recognition, have lead to more doctors using it either within their EMR or as a stand-alone service.
  • Do you have national representation?
    The RealHealth Database covers all 50 states and 2 US territories. 
  • What is your geographic representation?
    Click here to view geographic distribution across the country.
  • What specialties do you cover?
    RealHeathData covers all specialties at both inpatient and outpatient facilities across the U.S.


  • What is the breakdown of inpatient versus outpatient of your data?
    This is a dynamic number, but it is roughly 60% (inpatient) and 40% (outpatient) respectively.
  • What are the differences between RealHeathData and Claims or EMR data?
    Claims data captures health information that can be extracted from a medical claim such as CPT, HCPCs, ICD-10 and J-codes.  EMR data also captures code-level data and limited unstructured narratives. Both are used for billing purposes. RealHealthData's database is made up of the entire unstructured narrative that a physician dictates and has transcribed after a visit.  It captures not only diagnoses, procedures and medications; it captures other data elements that claims and EMR data sets do not. Elements such as lab results, treatment decisions and rationale, adverse events, treatment plans, mediation compliance/adherence, family history, symptomatology, information about disease stages/progression and off-label medication use.
  • Can you provide physician level data?
    RealHealthData is able to provide physician-level data for the purposes of clinical trial recruitment efforts, physician targeting, and as a measure of sales force effectiveness. We are able to provide physician name, contact information, facility, and specialty of physicians treating patients of interest to our clients.

General Questions

  • What types of customers do you typically offer your data?
    RealHealthData currently works with Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device, CROs, and Life Science Consultants.
  • Can you search for a combination of symptoms?
    Yes. Many times our clients are looking for signs and symptoms of disease prior to a diagnosis being made by a physician. This has been helpful in rare disease areas and identifying early disease states.
  • Are you able to reach out directly to patients?
    No. Our data is de-identified in accordance with HIPAA standards for de-identification.
  • How do we start the process of working with you?
    Please fill out the Contact Us form under "Help Center" or contact us at:Email: Phone: +1 (866) 265-5575


  • When was your company founded?
    RealHealthData was founded in 2010.