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What We Do

What We Do

Providers are increasingly relying on medical transcription services with the advent of voice recognition and use of EMR systems.



Unique real world data straight from the provider



How medical transcription works

Step 1
Patient visits provider.

Step 2
Provider dictates details of the visit, including: medical, surgical and social history, physical exam findings, current medications, laboratory and genetic test results, patient-reported symptoms, and treatment plan.

Step 3
Transcription company processes audio overnight and delivers text file the next day to the provider.

Step 4
Provider revises document with any necessary additions/comments.

Step 5
Final documents are de-identified and unique patient IDs are assigned to all patients to allow for longitudinal tracking.

Step 6
Before being adding to our database, records are de-identified, cleaned and processed.

Step 7
Client deliverable can include raw records, customized data table or access to our interactive data visualization platform.