A Database
of detailed narrative medical records.

What We Do

RealHealthData works with medical transcription companies across the country to build a database of detailed narrative medical records, providing a unique perspective on patient conditions and physician interaction. Once the medical transcription process is complete, de-identified records are added to our data repository.

In addition to full narratives, customized and structured data table export options are available as requested.

Transcription Workflow
  1. Patient visits physician.
  2. Physician dictates details about the visit including history, examinations, prescriptions along with the patient's feelings, concerns and overall perspective as reported to the physician during the visit.
  3. Transcription company processes audio overnight and delivers back to clinic after multiple quality control tiers.
  4. Physician revises document with any additions or comments and provides final E-signature.
  5. Final document is added to data repository for further use (Medication Adherence Dynamics, Instant Chart Reviews, REMS Service)